Hundreds of individuals are injured each year in Vermont.  When the injury is the fault of another, it is of vital importance to have high-quality representation to protect your interests. Our goal is to assure our clients are satisfied that they have received the best possible outcome from these cases, enabling them to move on productively with their lives. 

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals provide services to keep people well and healthy, but sometimes things go disastrously wrong.  Whether that wrong is due to medical negligence or not is a complex question that requires skilled counsel.  Our attorneys work with highly qualified medical professionals to assure each case is assessed properly.  This assessment process assures that when medical malpractice has occurred, we will provide for the best possible outcome for our clients.

Car Accidents

We are thorough in our representation of people who have been harmed in automobile accidents.  We establish liability for the accident itself through diligent investigation.  We assure that the extent of the injury is carefully documented.  Insurance companies and their attorneys understand we provide a solid factual foundation for the level of compensation that will be required to make our clients whole. 

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death actions arise from the most grievous of circumstances: the loss of a loved one through the fault of another.  Whether it is as a result of an intentional crime or defective product or negligence, our attorneys provide the support needed to assure all that can be done, will be done.

Slip and Fall

All property owners know that their property must be maintained in a manner that allows for its safe use for intended purposes.  Whether it is an icy parking lot at an apartment building or a poorly maintained set of stairs, a fall that is caused by negligently maintained premises is compensable.  As with any other injury that is the fault of another, we seek full compensation for our clients in these cases.

Product Liability

Defectively designed or manufactured products can cause physical harm to the unknowing user.  We have assured that those responsible have been held accountable to our injured clients in many diverse cases, from improperly installed roofing to exploding glass bottles.