Our firm has been dedicated for over three decades to the service of people charged with crimes in Vermont’s state and federal courts.  We understand not only the complex legal issues that arise in this context, but the emotional response our clients feel being charged with a crime.  Our mission is to support and defend our clients in the most effective way possible.  To this end, we tailor our representation to the individual client.  We have found that understanding our client’s perspective is the key in assessing a case.  Not all clients want to go to trial; many prefer the security of a negotiated outcome.  For some clients, trial is the only option.  Our extensive trial-practice history provides our clients with confidence that they are ably assisted in making the right choices.

Regardless of the nature of the charge, we are committed in our defense of all clients.  We have represented people charged with the complete range of criminal offenses: from teenagers charged with shoplifting to adults charged with murder.  Some of the most active areas of our criminal practice are:    

Driving Under the Influence

The field of DUI/DWI law contains some of the most highly structured criminal statutory provisions in the state of Vermont.  Understanding the intricacies of the law in this area is vital to effective representation.  Our attorneys can assess the strength of the case against you and provide for the best possible outcomes.

Domestic Assault

A charge of Domestic Assault causes complete upheaval in a person’s life.  Our attorneys provide the structure and guidance necessary for our clients to withstand the stresses inherent in this situation, to a positive conclusion of the case.

Sex Offenses

An individual charged with a sex offense typically bears a very public burden.  The stigma of the charge can be a serious impediment to receiving fair treatment from juries. The legal defense we supply makes a vital difference to our clients.