With 60 years of combined experience in the practice of family law in Vermont, our attorneys bring a unique skill set to divorce, post-divorce, and parentage cases.  We know the key to effective representation is taking sufficient time to understand which issues are important to our client, prioritizing those issues, developing the facts to support our client's position, and then putting together an effective plan to achieve our client's goals.

Many of our clients are interested in trying to negotiate a positive resolution of the financial and children's issues as amicably as possible, and we excel at negotiation.  We also, however, excel at litigation.  When cases cannot be resolved through negotiation, our excellent trial attorneys ensure the best possible litigated results.  Our many years of experience have taught us that the way to best maximize the likelihood of a good result is through diligent preparation.  All of our attorneys have experience successfully litigating cases in family law, other civil matters, and criminal cases.  We know the worth of taking the time to interview clients and witnesses thoroughly and to review documents carefully.

Our family law team welcomes the responsibility of working for our clients during what, for most of them, is the most difficult period of their lives.  Issues such as the custody of their children, visitation schedules, property division, spousal support, and child custody are critical in determining how our clients move forward with their lives.  Our litigation experience and our knowledge of the law, legal precedents, and the local bar and judiciary, allow us to achieve the best possible results.